About Us

Toronto Food Not Bombs is a local community food justice collective. Every Sunday for the past several years, the Toronto chapter has been gathering at Allan Gardens – Toronto’s oldest park – and serving around 150 bags of groceries and meals to those affected by poverty, homelessness, or food scarcity.

Food for distribution is sourced from direct donations of groceries and meals, or purchased with monetary donations from donors and supporters. We emphasize the use of recycled or reclaimed food. This diverts good produce from going to waste, and finds new purpose in creating nourishing meals for community members.

Food is distributed free of cost, with no strings attached. There is no registration or eligibility requirement: if a community member wants food, they can simply walk up and receive it from us. 

Our community

We aim to uplift members of Toronto’s downtown community facing food poverty and insecurity by distributing groceries, produce, and meals with dignity, warmth, and empathy, in a safe space.


We serve anyone who is in need, and many rely on our weekly support to get through the week.

Many live with homelessness, with mental health illness, others are refugees, or rely on ODSP. 

Our history

Established in the US in the 1980s, the local Toronto chapter was founded in 2016, and has established itself as an integral and welcome influence in the local community over the past 5 years. While there have been changes in leadership, the values remain the same. The Toronto chapter continues to seek to extend its reach and impact as it continues to grow and gain support for its positive social impact.