Community Leaders

We’re so grateful for the community leaders who bring so much passion and positivity to our Sunday drives! Get to know these amazing individuals here!

Ashlii and Shane (Muffin team)

Muffins make everything better.

Ashlii and Shane bring bucketloads of goodness to our drives every week with their muffins. Did you know they supply 130 muffins every week? We’re in awe.

They bring our Sunday drives so much warmth and comfort. We’re happy to have the muffin team with us!

Dorothy and Sophia Guo (Bread management)

Dorothy Guo and her daughter Sophia have been helping out in Allan Gardens for years now and currently manage bread donations and distribution. 

Dorothy is a great mom, who is an example for Sophia and the rest of us.

Little Sophia is the youngest volunteer! 

She brings us so much joy when she joins us for our drives with her mother, Dorothy.

Our future’s bright with children like Sophia in our world!

Eve and Kerly (Sandwich team)

Eve and Kerly (who run Vegan Very Much), have been supplying us with delicious, hand-made sandwiches every week!

Making sandwiches is no small feat especially when you’re making 70 just for one day of service!

We’re glad to have this wholesome team with us!

Jennifer Waterberrie (Canned goods and fresh produce procurement)

Jennifer has been a supportive member of Toronto’s indigenous community for years and consistently advocates for anyone who needs help.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Jennifer has also become a weekly provider of canned goods and fresh produce for Toronto Food Not Bombs and one of our community ambassadors.  She also coordinates our pet food services.

Jennifer is a big supporter and we love her.

Kathy Le (Service mediation)

Kathy Le has been helping people and standing up against injustice for years. 

She is a hero to many of our team and helps us to facilitate peaceful service in the park.

Maggie (Community Leader)

Maggie has been a fixture in Allan Gardens, lifting people’s spirits with a laugh or listening when someone is down.

She loves to help people and has much experience in community gardens.

We are happy to have her helping us on Sundays. 

Oliver (Community Leader)

<coming soon>

Stephanie Taylor (Fresh produce procurement)

Stephanie joined Toronto Food Not Bombs logistics team right after the pandemic started and has provided fresh produce every single week. 

She is the definition of consistency as she has never missed a week’s load of produce. 

We are proud to have Stephanie in our team!