Request Food

If you are facing food insecurity, please drop by our weekly food drives!

Come by Allan Gardens on a Sunday afternoon between 11:30 am and 1:00 pm and we will be happy to serve you a care package of fresh groceries, packed meals, or delicious produce that is in season! 

We operate on first-come first-served basis. Line wait times can go up to 45 mins so we recommend coming early to reduce your wait time!

If everyone in line has been served, we may leave early so please do come around 11:30 to ensure we can serve you! 

Hunger Doesn't Discriminate

And neither does Toronto Food Not Bombs. We give food to anyone who needs it. 

We hold a food distribution drive every week where we supply free groceries and packaged food, no strings attached!

There is no registration or eligibility requirement: if a community member wants food, they can simply walk up, take a number, wait their turn, and get a bag of groceries.