Toronto Food Not Bombs on Gaza

Food Not Bombs is a global, decentralized organization founded on the idea that our governments should be spending money on FOOD, NOT BOMBS. Toronto Food Not Bombs calls for a cease fire immediately.

In 2021 the government of “Canada” sent $26,092,288 worth of military goods to Israel and that number has only grown since. This is equivalent to renting more than 13,000 apartments for a year. The total value of all military exports from 1978 to 2020 is $228,827,781. The fact that mutual aid organizations like ours have to operate on this land to ensure that people have food to eat is just one of the MANY reasons why this money being spent on weapons of war is immoral and unjust. There are over 8500 people who are unhoused in the city of Toronto alone, and thousands more throughout Canada. Rent and the cost of living are skyrocketing at unprecedented rates, and yet our governments claim that there is no money to house or support the people who live here—but there are millions of dollars available to help fund the genocide happening in Gaza?  MAKE IT MAKE SENSE! 

We at Toronto Food Not Bombs condemn the genocide Israel is committing in Gaza. We call for our governments to suspend all aid and funding to the state of Israel and to stand up for what is right: demanding a ceasefire as well as the end of the apartheid and occupation imposed on Palestinians for decades. We also call on you, our beloved community, friends and neighbors to MAKE SOME FUCKING NOISE!

Do not allow the extermination of Gaza to happen quietly or uncontested. Do not fall for misinformation meant to dehumanize the people of Palestine. Do not allow your grief and anger over the October 7th attack by Hamas to excuse the slaughter of civilians trapped in the Gaza Strip. This includes the Israeli hostages who are being killed in the bombing while being used as an excuse to justify the violence and destruction happening before our eyes. Do not adopt this eye for an eye narrative we are being sold. The massacre must stop.

Sources and donation links will be listed below. Donations are needed but remember that, without entry to Gaza, aid cannot reach those in need of it. The most important thing we can do is make noise, demand a ceasefire and the liberation of the Palestinian people, and be relentless about it. 

Please share, donate, and fight for what is right. 

Radical love always, 

Toronto Food Not Bombs